Fenics Go

Fenics Go



Fenics is the BGC Group’s foundation for fully electronic and associated hybrid transactions across all asset classes.

Fenics GO is an innovative global platform and service for accessing and transmitting financial information, trading financial instruments and arranging block trades, including, for global exchange listed options and delta 1 products.

Capitalising on BGC’s electronic trading heritage, Fenics GO is intended to enhance the current voice brokerage model by offering a technologically advanced electronic platform for transacting and trading of financial instruments via a global network connecting market participants and intermediaries directly.

Fenics GO combines complementary trading protocols to enable the dynamic work-up of multiple trading interests anonymously. Our focus on transparency and the provision of diverse execution methods to initiate or join transactions, coupled with Fenics GO’s leading-edge technology, creates a robust and reliable trading environment for all participants. Fenics GO also provides software customization, consulting and technical support services.

With a commitment to low costs, fairness, transparency, and resiliency Fenics GO aims to be the premier OTC marketplace to source listed derivative block liquidity.